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Food Photography Photoshop Editing PSD


For those of you wanting to know exactly how I edit photos, I made a PSD just for you! It should help a lot with Photoshop editing.

The PSD basically has most of the levels, curves, brightness and contrast already adjusted. Just follow the directions written when you paste your photo there.

Download here: Food Photography Photoshop Editing PSD

A few important notes:

Sharpen the image by going to Filter->Sharpen. That cannot be done beforehand, so you need to do it for each image. Continue reading

Food Blog Income and Traffic Report: November 2013

Income Report for November 2013 (Month 2)

Google Adsense: $60.82
Lijit: $8.98
Total Income:: $69.8

This is something I’ve seen at Pinch of Yum, that has really really inspired and helped me. is a website I started in September, but before that, I had been working on a series of recipes on another website,

However, I noticed that it wasn’t working as well because that site was about so many different topics that it was hard for people to navigate, so I started this to share mainly vegan recipes (with occasional posts about vegan food/food blogging).

Since then, I’ve found that having a site dedicated to one subject really really helps, as people tend to return more, and I find that more people join the fan pages and such.

Note: I may not be posting an income report every month, but I will do it when I really have something major to share.

Google Analytic Stats for November 2013

Food_Blog_Stats_November_2013_001 Continue reading

Secret to Blogging and Cooking Two Recipes a Day

If any of you are following my posts, you may notice that on average days, I currently post two times a day. I actually produce these posts the very day. If you’re wondering what my secret to being able to cook two things, here’s what I can tell you.


Plan on Notepad

I have a notepad called “Tomorrow_Plan.txt” and I literally just stuff it full of information. Anytime I get an inspiration or idea, I will write it down. Sometimes, I even create prototype recipes, such as I want to make a cookie, so I write down the amount of ingredients I think I need. The more stored up information there is, the easier it is to go through them and pick something out.

My notepad started off with just planning for tomorrow but somehow, there’s now so much information I think I’d be set for the next three years! Continue reading

10 Tips to become a Better Food Blogger

So you are passionate about food blogging? Do you want to start your very own food blog or you’ve got ideas for something else you’re good at? Let me tell you that blogging isn’t easy, but it can be as fun and rewarding as anything. I want to share 10 tips so you can become a better blogger.


Be Inspired

First thing you may wonder is, how the heck do I come up with all these articles each day? Do I ever run out? The answer is, yes. Of course! I’m no superhuman and I do have my limits, but I know when I get inspired, I won’t stop. The key, I believe, to blogging is to find your inspiration. Whatever may it be, let it flow all over you. I personally get inspired by similar websites, talking to people, and most of all, working towards a goal or dream. If I didn’t get inspirations, then I would’ve quit a long time ago. Continue reading