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Vegan Brown Rice Daikon Radish Cakes


Daikon radish cake is a pretty well known food in China, but I’ve never even remembered having it, haha. All I know is, it’s made from daikon radishes, is mostly white.

I wanted to make my own version but with more brown rice than white. Even though yes, that does change the colour a bit (it’s no longer snowy white), but who cares, it’s healthier, and that’s what we should aim for, right? Continue reading

Raw Vegan Lettuce Tacos with Chorizo, Salsa and Avocado


The first time I put a lettuce taco with sunchorizo and salsa in my mouth, I melted away. Literally, it was a slice of heaven! I have never tasted anything so amazing, so wonderful and so tasty. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t meat, and I couldn’t believe this was raw vegan! I bet if you make this to someone who hates the idea of raw vegan food, it will forever change their life.

I learnt about this exotic dish from Suncafe in LA, California. I went there for a holiday last month and after meeting a voice actor I have long admired, Steve Prince, I was set to check out Universal Studios. That’s when I spotted a cafe nearby that was organic, raw and vegan. I had to check it out! I just had to. So I went there asking the waiter what he recommended, he suggested the lettuce tacos as that was very popular. I am so freaking glad I got it, because it has just added so much spectrum of light in my life! Continue reading

Crispy Baked Onion Rings with Healthy Homemade Breading


Wow, my first time ever making homemade breading! I actually wanted to do it from scratch because I never really trust those store-bought ones. Since I also had a big lump of bread I bought from Trader Joe’s, this was the perfect opportunity to make it.

This recipe was very inspired by the Crispy Baked Onion Rings on Oh She Glows. Continue reading