Category: Breakfast

Chocolate Breakfast Oatmeal


I did make a chocolate oatmeal in the past but I wanted to make a richer, thicker, more DELICIOUS version, mwahahaha!

So here I went, into the kitchen with my crazy ideas and THERE WE GO! Chocolate oatmeal that’s like super chocolatey and DELICIOUS, and also quite sweet (at least, I think so!) Continue reading

Purple Sweet Potato Porridge Pudding


OMG I bought TWO purple sweet potatoes (or yams, what is the difference?) last week! Mwahhaha, not one, but TWO!!

It’s always exciting when I find them because they’re so rare, so I’m all crazy about thinking up recipes for them. With regular foods like potatoes, I sometimes cook them for dinner without making it into a recipe, but not PURPLE sweet potatoes, they’re so scarce it’s hard to find them. I usually get them at my local Asian grocery store. Continue reading