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Fruit Parfait with Chia Pudding and Fresh Fruits


OMG, I’ve seen some amazing pictures of fruit parfait. At first, I was just like, WTF are they? I have never even heard of the name before. Then I looked into them more and I LOVE THE LOOKS OF THEM! I have all kind of ideas for future ones too, like maybe even ones with chocolate chia pudding, and all types of different fruits as well. Continue reading

Chocolate Oatmeal


Sadly, I’m still living my days eating porridge and soft foods because my teeth is still quite sore!

But great news is, it totally inspires me to make all these things I have been meaning to for a while but never got around to it. One of the things I always wanted to try was a chocolate oatmeal. I managed to make it without adding any extra sugar. The grape juice and applesauce are the main sweeteners and I really think the amount is just right for me. Continue reading

Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes


Last time I made pancakes, it had egg whites and I used a pancake mix out of a packet. Though the pancakes turned out great, I really wanted to make a vegan version and wanted to use different flours from scratch, as I have always hated the idea of making a recipe based on a specific “mix” package, because not everyone can find the same brand, which means people could end up with pancakes that taste completely different. Also, it’s terrible trying to get people in other countries who can’t even buy it to try.

So anyway, I have been a little afraid to make pancakes since the last time I tried, it turned all gooey. That’s the problem with baking is that you really don’t know how thick something is, and certain flours may work but others don’t. So you have to keep testing and trying. NEVER GIVE UP! That’s how you improve. Continue reading