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Blueberries, Chia Seed and Oatmeal Superfood Breakfast


OMG, this is a wonderfully healthy breakfast oatmeal that’s really healthy and AWESOME!

I made this some months ago after discovering the awesomeness of chia seeds. Though I have to say, the steel cut oatmeal took a lot longer than I expected to cook, which was almost about an hour, despite the package saying it is instant. Continue reading

Coconut Pancake Crumble Topped with Berries, Chia Pudding & Cacao

This is what I’d call the ultimate breakfast!


Funny story is, it was not intended to be this way. I was all excited about cooking pancakes, until I realised the batter was too wet and just flew everywhere on the frying pan. I thought, no. I wasn’t going to waste it because aside from that it was too wet to actually form the shape of a pancake, it tasted great. So instead, I came up with a whole new idea for a meal. Continue reading