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My Daily Green Smoothie


A little different kind of post today, well not really because it’s still a recipe.

For a few months, I’ve been drinking a green smoothie every morning. It’s probably not the type of green smoothie you’d even be expecting because I don’t just put one or two green stuff, I literally stuff all I can find! Since I started drinking this, I’ve just noticed a wonderful, positive change in EVERYTHING!

Firstly, I no longer get severe acne that used to plague me every month near that time, also my energy levels are great (don’t usually get huge bouts of tiredness where all I want to do is sleep), and it has never given me constipation ever again. Another thing I seriously believe it has helped is my menstrual pain, and I used to get it so bad I could not survive a month without medicine, but strangely since I started this, it has been so well and some months, I almost feel nothing. Seriously, I can’t think of how amazing this smoothie has done for me, and I want it to help you too!

This is a smoothie that’s about 65% vegetables and 35% fruits (sweet). Continue reading

Refreshing Green Smoothie


If you know people who hate the taste of green vegetables, you MUST make this!

Seriously, someone invited this miracle where if you blend fruits and vegetables together, it tastes absolutely amazing. This is one of the times! I used to dread the idea of putting cucumbers in the same blender as an apple, but little did I know, it would come out tasting so amazing.

Don’t get fooled by the vegetable blandness or bad taste, because the fruits’ sweetness WILL cover it up. Give it a try, and get healthy! As you get used to green smoothies, you can start adding more veggies and a little less fruits. Continue reading

Cleansing Pineapple Cucumber and Coconut Water



Well, my favourite thing is to drink the juice version, chilled. It’s seriously got such an amazing taste that you would not even believe it’s made out of cucumbers. I remember about a year ago, I winced at the thought of adding cucumber to a smoothie, now I believe it’s the greatest idea just because it tastes so refreshing and amazing. You seriously need to TRY IT OUT to know what I mean.

I was inspired to make this because I drank a juice exactly like this in LA at Juice Crafters. I just loved it so much I had to try and make it. Though I don’t have a juicer, the blended version is great enough. Continue reading