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Light Pumpkin Smoothie


Yay it’s Autumn, and I finally understand why they call it “Fall” now. Growing up in Brisbane, I was the luckiest to experience the best winters there, as our winter is simply not cold, which means the trees don’t even shed leaves.

Here in NJ, the weather has already gotten so cold that the poor leaves have turned gold and red and are falling everywhere. I have to admit, fallen golden leaves everywhere is a beautiful sight, except now, the poor trees are going to be all bare for another 6 months, which I’m going to miss. I only went out the other day to collect some leaves and picked up a few acorns as well. That’s why there are so many squirrels! (They look way too adorable trying to eat such a large acorn.) Continue reading

Tangy Berrie Smoothie with a Kick


Please do not be put off by the carrots and tomatoes, you cannot taste it at all!

Wow, out of all the smoothies I made, this is probably one of my favourites. I was so shocked that this tasted so good with carrots and tomatoes, as I never imagined it would be so great and fruity! I totally recommend anyone to give it a go!

It will give you a kick! Continue reading