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Sticky Rice Roll (Fan Tuan) with Crispy French Fries & Tempeh Mince


OH MY GOD! This is like, one of my CRAZY ideas!

Get ready to hear this crazy story on how I came up with it. SO yes, I’ve always seen those mouthwatering fan tuan (rice rolls) on the internet, and they’re like a famous Taiwanese dish. I know from pictures that it’s wrapped with meat floss and you tiao, which is deep fried. Continue reading

Vegan Steamed Shao Mai Dumplings with Green Wheatgrass Dough



This is like one of those delicacies you eat in China (but sadly, it’s usually always work pork), so today, I’m making it without any meat. Just plain old rice and shiitake mushrooms! Guess what, the taste is just as good, absolutely does not feel like anything’s missing. Continue reading

Mini Vegan Pizza Bites with the Healthiest Crust (Gluten Free)


OMG I think I created another one of my FAVOURITE recipes ever!

This is like divine, when I put this in my mouth. I have not tasted anything this good and at the same time, I’m having a major hard time believing this is healthy, especially the crust. This is seriously so good, it melts in your mouth, and it’s DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

Healthier Vegan Oreo Cookies and Frosting with a Twist (Gluten Free)

Healthier_Vegan_Oreo_Cookies_Frosting_with_a_Twist_Gluten Free_Recipe_001

This recipe was inspired by Brittany Angell’s Real Sustenance, however with quite a few major changes. I wanted to make a version without relying on certain brands like Earth Balance or Egg Replacer, because I always feared that some countries won’t have it.

Also, the frosting is almost all completely different. Continue reading

Sweet Onion, Garlic and Tempeh Steamed Buns


OMG, seriously I’ve been DYING to make Chinese steamed buns with stuff inside for SO LONG but the wrapping part was so intimidating (still learning even now) that I put it off for so long, because yes, I didn’t want to wrap ugly buns, haha!

Well, let’s say that for my sort of first attempt, I didn’t do too badly, besides the first three, which were not exactly the type of thing you’d expect. Continue reading