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Raw Vegan Cinnamon Rolls


OMG, I’ve seen a few of these around the internet like this one and this recipe, and really made me want to try making my own.

But as you know me, I don’t like to have too much sugar (and I’m a pauper and don’t have the money to use one cup of dates at a time) so I made it in a really interesting way. With the bun part, I used 1/3 of a red delicious apple as the main sweetener. Hey, apple cinnamon, right? Continue reading

Creamy Chocolate Mint Layered Cake with Green Power


From the moment I saw This Rawesome Vegan Life’s recipe, Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars, I knew I had to make something like that. Perhaps it was the pleasantness of the dark green, or that it just looked too good.

This recipe was totally inspired from those lovely looking cream bar cakes. Though, I did change a few ingredients around. Continue reading

Super Chocolate Seeds & Nuts Protein Bars with Creamy Coconut

Super_Chocolate_Seeds_Nuts_Protein_Bars_Creamy Coconut_Raw_Vegan_Dessert_Recipe_001

After spending most of the morning on a curried pizza, I was not into baking, and I LOVE those raw desserts made of a whole heap of seeds and nuts. Today, I decided to use most of the new ingredients I just bought, which included the hemp hearts, and maca.

I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I can say the results turned out so good, especially with the coconut. Continue reading

Raw Chocolate Goji Berry Energy Bar


After spending most of the day making that quinoa sushi, I was like, “MAN I NEED A SNACK, a BAR of some kind”, so I went looking for ideas.

I just remembered that I had bought a packet of goji berries from the health food store last week and haven’t used it, so this was the chance. Goji berries are like one of the tonics of longevity and I REALLY love the organic packet I got, so much brighter and redder than the usual ones I get at the Asian supermarket. Continue reading