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Rich and Fudgey Vegan Chocolate Bar



I just ate like half a bar of this and greatest thing is, I didn’t feel guilty at all! Seriously, I can’t believe it. Avocados here CANNOT be tasted at all, in fact – all I taste is this rich, chocolate flavour.

You HAVE to make this for your family and friends (and don’t tell them what’s in it). Continue reading

Raw Vegan Marinara Sauce with Yellow Squash Fettuccine


Making a raw marinara sauce has been on my mind for a while. Sometimes I Just randomly think of it and I can’t get rid of it until I actually make it!

I will say that I personally have a weak stomach with raw foods, it just seem to make my stomach a bit upset afterwards, that’s why I’ve included a suggestion for a way to “heat it up” at the end. I know that most people will probably be fine eating it raw, so go for it!

Before I forget, YELLOW SQUASH LOOKS LIKE PASTA! Continue reading

Raw Chia Seed and Blueberry Pudding


This recipe was adapted from Raw Chia Pudding from Young on Raw Food.

Wow, I never knew you could make chia pudding like that. I always thought it was fascinating how those little seeds just get all thick in water. I wonder what causes them to do that.

It’s funny but my hubby was saying how the pudding almost looked like an alligator skin (which is so true) and then, guess what? I had this nightmare that an alligator was chasing after me, eating all these people and spitting out things, and trying to kill me! Hahahah! Continue reading

Raw Vegan Jicama Nachos with Salsa


I went to the supermarket the other day and saw this GIANT LUMP! I was like, “WTF is this?!” A JICAMA!

But anyway, I first heard about this while I was watching the Howcast video series about raw vegan food with Ron Russell. One of the videos was about making nachos with this exotic Mexican potato, and I was thinking then, “oh yes – if only Jicama existed, cos I have never seen it before”. To my awesome surprise, they must be in season now because they’re everywhere!

I really think this potato kind of reminds me a much less sweet version of Asian pear, maybe the one I bought was a bit overripe? Still, it’s a very nice and crunchy! Continue reading

Raw Vegan Nutty Chocolate Bar


Oh man, I put this in my mouth and I tasted Heaven. If Heaven is like this, I would 100% want to go there now. Oh dear, I don’t even make any sense, haha.

This is seriously amazing amazing and more amazing. It’s interesting that often when I see recipes like this, there’s usually a lot of dates added, like maybe half a cup. I found this to be very sweet with just one date, a small amount of raisins and a small amount of maple syrup. I would urge for all of you to try it like this, because the extra sweetness really isn’t that necessary. I always wanted food to be healthier, but less sweet as well. I really believe our taste buds can adjust. Continue reading