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Healthy Vegan Ice Cream Cake with Chocolate Crumbles


These don’t last long being solid in room temperature, so if you take them out, eat them fast!

This is one of my new favourite treat, banana ice cream with some kind of crumbly bottom and topping. It’s seriously divine and nobody would even believe this is healthy. I specifically did not add any sweetener to the crust (and urge you to not add anything either) because the ice cream layer is VERY sweet. When you bite them down together, you will not even notice that the crust isn’t sweet. Believe me! Continue reading

Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta with Pesto


You wouldn’t believe zucchini could be made into pasta! Seriously, it’s amazing just how similar it tastes!

I firstly learnt about zucchini pasta through Mimi Kirk’s website, Young on Raw Food. But this actual recipe is playing around with many vegan pesto recipes I have seen around. It’s funny but I have never tasted pesto before, so I don’t even know if this is close to how it usually tastes. Continue reading

Crazy Healthy Nuts and Seeds Energy Bars


Energy bars are like MY FAVOURITE THINGS EVER! Because these are very rich in nuts and seeds, I thought it would be great to make just the right amount for two people. That way, we don’t go overboard eating them as nuts and seeds I believe, should be eaten in moderation! I really love how the almond extract spices everything up!

So anyway, it was really only a few months ago that I opened to the idea of making energy bars like this (or truffles) with ingredients like nuts, seeds, oats and dates. I think I nearly DIED in shock because I never knew by blending these things up, you get a delicious DESSERT! So that’s what I was missing all those years. Continue reading

Vegan Avocado and Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream with Pistachios


This ingenious idea was totally inspired and I made this a while back on my other website. I had to make it again and take better photos because I just craved it like crazy. The Fitness Dish, you are awesome! Thank you for inspiring me to realise just how delicious frozen bananas are. My life is changed FOREVER.

If only McDonalds sold these, perhaps the status of health wouldn’t be so bad! Who would’ve thought that healthy ice cream/soft serve do exist! I bet if you gave this to people, most will not taste any avocado and would probably be shocked if you told them it had it. This soft serve ice cream is creamy, sweet and delicious, this is what the human body needs, those those refined sugar that’s stripped from all contents. Continue reading

Raw Vegan Lettuce Tacos with Chorizo, Salsa and Avocado


The first time I put a lettuce taco with sunchorizo and salsa in my mouth, I melted away. Literally, it was a slice of heaven! I have never tasted anything so amazing, so wonderful and so tasty. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t meat, and I couldn’t believe this was raw vegan! I bet if you make this to someone who hates the idea of raw vegan food, it will forever change their life.

I learnt about this exotic dish from Suncafe in LA, California. I went there for a holiday last month and after meeting a voice actor I have long admired, Steve Prince, I was set to check out Universal Studios. That’s when I spotted a cafe nearby that was organic, raw and vegan. I had to check it out! I just had to. So I went there asking the waiter what he recommended, he suggested the lettuce tacos as that was very popular. I am so freaking glad I got it, because it has just added so much spectrum of light in my life! Continue reading