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Wintermelon and Shiitake Mushroom Soup


Have you heard of wintermelon before? That used to be my favourite melon growing up.

For years, I have never even seen it again, or eaten it, until one day, I was given what they said was a WINTERMELON seed, so I planted it, treated it like ROYALTY, gave it care, nurture and much nutrients, until one day, the fateful day FINALLY came, it blossomed and a little baby melon formed… Continue reading

Vegan Wontons with Tofu Crumbs and Shiitake Mushrooms


I think this is about the last Chinese “wrapped” dish I was going to make, unless there’s another one I haven’t thought of!

It has been so fun making all these dumplings, steamed buns, spring rolls lately, and now, wontons just completed the set. Did you know that wonton is actually the Cantonese way of saying it? The Chinese word is Hundun. Continue reading