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Vegan New England Clam Chowder


I saw a youtube video for a recipe called “New England Glam Chowder“, which uses nori and shiitake mushrooms in replacement of the clams, and I just thought that was such a brilliant and clever idea. Now I have all kinds of awesome ideas about making “sea-stuff”, like using nori and shiitake mushrooms to make a hoisin sauce! Wow, sometimes one idea can just open so much doors.

I just had to try this, especially that I’ve never actually had clam chowder before! Continue reading

Potato and Leek Soup with Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts


It’s funny I wonder HOW people make Brussels sprouts taste so horrible to kids, because they’re one of the greatest vegetables ever, in terms of taste.

I have to admit, I was so afraid of trying them for a long time, just because I kept hearing how it tasted horrible, as well as I have some FAINT childhood memory of Brussels sprouts tasting bad, but I forgot who cooked it or anything else. Continue reading

Creamy Vegan Potato and Onion Soup


Oh man, I’m feeling like an old 90 year old lady who has lost all her teeth, because I’m still stuck on a soft food diet due to the braces.

Well, that’s exciting cos it gives me a chance to make more soups. I usually don’t make as much soups as I like because I never feel that soups are as filling. It’s funny that I can drink a big bowl of soup with two potatoes in it, and feel that I just drank WATER, but if I ate two potatoes on its own, I get super filled. I think it must be some optical illusion with the mind thinking soup is just water or something, haha! Continue reading

Pearl Barley and Rainbow Vegetable Soup


This is one of the most flavourful soup you could have, it has so many veggies, grains and goodness, that you won’t know what hit you!

This is one of the perfect things to freeze and have a little when you’re cold or just needing something to fill your tunny, or even as a weekly lunch. I love having this during the week when I get too lazy to cook, but I want to eat something on the spot. Continue reading

Hot and Sour Cabbage Tomato Soup with Potatoes


There is just something about hot and sour soups. They taste great, and keep you warm! Who wouldn’t want to drink this in cold temperatures? It literally makes you feel hot in an instant!

I stress the importance of the order of the ingredients put in, so don’t toss things in the wrong order! Cabbage tends to need less time cooking, so it’s a good idea to add that later. Vinegar can harden vegetables, so don’t add it till the potatoes are pretty much all soft. Also, the greens MUST be added at the end, after you turn the heat off, because they turn yellow so easily and literally do not need to be cooked! Continue reading