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Oven Baked Potato Chips


Please note that the amount of seasoning varies depending on how much you’re using. For mine, I used about a teaspoon of each.

OMG, these potato chips are so good. They’re crunchy and flavourful, and totally doesn’t lose out to the ones bought in packets. What’s best is I know exactly what went into it! Seriously, who needs to buy them when you can make it, right? Continue reading

Crispy Baked Mashed Potato Crumbles


This is perfect for those who don’t really like regular mashed potatoes and think it’s too mushy!

Try the crispy baked mashed potatoes! All you do is mash the potatoes like you would (perhaps not as much), then add spices and a little oil and bake it for about an hour. This way, the bottom turns gold, crunchy and the crumbles taste almost like french fries. Yes, little bits and pieces of mini healthy french fries! Continue reading

Crashed Hot Potatoes with Crusty Skin


Crashed potatoes are one of life’s greatest and most amazing discoveries ever. I actually saw a picture of it on Pioneer Woman, though I think it was a Pinterest photo. I had to try it and I swear these are so simple, easy and DELICIOUS!

I think what I love most about this is the skin. It’s crunchy and I say it’s the best part!

I also love how the edges are really hard, and the herbs just really enhance the flavour of the potato. Continue reading

Party Baked Fries (Potato, Sweet Potato, Purple Yam & Parsnip)


Fries! I made all these fries (except the purple yam) individual before, but I felt like having a big fries party because I just happened to have all the ingredients that can make fries. That included the sweet potato, potato, yam and parsnip! How full on is this going to be? I was so excited, especially that it’s going to be a very flavoured one!

I’ve been investigating on how to make crispy fries in the oven for a while and each time, I felt as if I have improved a little more. I finally figured out all the secrets! Firstly, you have to put the fries in hot water with a little bit of salt. This takes out the starch, which happens to make things crispier. Next, there’s art in baking too. You should bake it at 475F if possible, and steam it with foil covering the tray for 5 minutes, then another 25-30 minutes just baking it. Continue reading

Potato, Corn and Onion Tortilla Wraps with Sundried Tomatoes


GUESS WHAT! I finally found the type of tortilla I had been searching for. I am sad to say that the tortillas I find at the regular supermarket are all filled with saturated fat, and I tend to enjoy finding healthier or versions with less fat. I was ecstatic when I found these whole grain flour tortillas at Trader Joe’s last night, it really made my night because I would finally be able to make these wraps. I have seen some really mouthwatering wraps around the internet! Continue reading