Easiest Lunch Idea: Tomato Basil Toast


This, I can’t even really call it a recipe, more like a lunch idea. It’s literally one of the easiest things to make, ever!

I just got back to Australia, and sometimes I get so hungry that I need a snack. I saw my dad making this, and absolutely had to try it myself.


I really love making this when I have a short supply of ingredients or time to make big meals, as this literally takes a few minutes, given that you have a toaster oven (otherwise it may take longer as oven seems to take a long time to heat up).


Easiest Lunch Idea: Tomato Basil Toast

What you need:
A few slices good quality bread (I used whole wheat)
Toaster oven
Extra virgin olive oil
Vegemite (optional, if you’re in Australia)
Fresh basil leaves
Salt and pepper

Instructions: Slice the tomatoes very thinly, place it somewhere for the time being.

Chop the basil up into small bits.

Toast the bread, then add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, spread some Vegemite if you’re using it, then sprinkle the leaves across, add the tomato slices, sprinkle the salt and pepper, and you’re done.

Slice the bread in half and eat away.