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  1. Audrey

    I love your blog of healthy recipes! I am going to make the “Raw Chocolate Goji Energy Bar” tomorrow! Do you have a cook book by chance?


    • Susanna

      I am SO EXCITED To hear this!! :D YAY I hope it works out :D :D And sadly I haven’t made a cook book yet, but it’s definitely something I would LOVE to do eventually :D THANKS AGAIN!!

  2. Vicki

    This is without a question the best vegan website I have seen. The awesome number of yummy recipes is just amazing. Surely you must be thinking of a vegan cook book. Many recipes I have found on other sites have ingredients I have not been able to purchase in Australia, not your recipes though. GREAT STUFF.

    • Susanna

      AWWW THAT IS SO SO SO COOOOLLLL!!! That comment totally made my day :D :D :D
      You are from Australia? I’m gonna move there really soon so I will be focusing on Australian ingredients when I get there :D Cannot wait!!
      YESS I actually want to work on a cook book, it would definitely be a dream :D

  3. Elia

    Your recipes are amazing! I have been wondering for a while: what is the recipe pictured at the very top of the page, second from the right? That purple is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am dying to try it! I couldn’t find it scrolling through this page.

  4. Patrick

    You have no idea how happy I am to have found your site. I have been struggling with weight and health issues for several years now due to an injury and was desperate to make changes. Having grown up with grandparents who grew almost everything they ate and eating a mostly vegetarian diet I knew the benefits of it.
    I have always been a meat eater, mainly small amounts with bigger pieces on special occasions. But once I started to switch back to a mostly veggie diet I have noticed that consuming meat is having a negative effect on me. (I’ve been sick for the last two days after eating some BBQ beef Brisket) So I have decided to make the switch to all vegetarian and work toward a total vegan diet.
    Your recipes look and sound fantastic and my taste buds are getting excited to start trying them. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    • Susanna

      Wow this is SOOO very exciting to hear! I know how you feel to have meat negatively affecting health. I hope you enjoy making them and I will eventually add more!! :D

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